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Welcome to Media People. The home of Virtual Representatives for your Site. High quality virtual characters and state of the art  speech, makes this a must for increased conversions and surfer interest.

It is an undisputed fact that video is taking over the Internet, just look at the daily traffic figures for “You tube”. But for a lot of business people the idea of making a video to promote their business can be daunting. Just to sit in front of a camera and record a message that is sincere and honest can take hours. When most of us do not like the sound of our own recorded voice and are self critical about the way we look, then many finished videos are simply never used. You can have a professional actor do the work for you, and there are a few companies that offer this, but the price is way too much for the average Internet Businessman.


Enter our characters, affordable and Professional. They really will meet your needs.


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Getting Started


This could not be easier. It just  takes 3-steps



Choose the Character you want to represent you.



Go to the store and make your payment via “PayPal”



Upload the script that you would like the character to speak. (Text or Word Document)


We then load your script into the character animation and send the final product to you via email.


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